Executive President


Executive President,
Initiator and Dean,

The government in a democracy like India is predominantly run by the high calibrated bureaucrats, who contributed in India's development through execution of policies of the government and delivery of the policies for the welfare of the citizen. As the inherent prerequisite for a civil servant is sincerity, honesty, dedication, intelligence and law abiding individual, the new civil servant has to be pro-active, pro-change, more dynamic and techno-savvy. A large number of professionals who could have lucrative jobs with the corporate sector have started appearing in the civil services examinations. The main reason of their attraction is the balanced combination of service for the nation, status and power. I would like to remind you that as a responsible citizen of this Great Nation you ought to enter the civil services with sincere and sacred intention of serving the people of India without any bias and favor. While a section of Indian society surges ahead with pride to merge with the developed world, a large part of India's population suffers from hunger, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, lack of clean drinking water, and basic medical amenities. You are not entering civil services to merely earn a living; you also will have to wipe the tears of the suffering millions, to heal their wounds and help them to lead a better life.

Considering the need of the value based, ethical and moral administrators to serve mother India in true spirit, MIT Civil Services Training Institute (MITCST) is established to train the aspirants to enter into the administration by academic guidance from experts and dedicated faculties and value based education through various Guest Lectures of eminent personalities. Here, we train the students to become morally strong and ethically courageous, even before they appear for the exams. I welcome your decision to pursue civil services as a career and wish you all the best for your success.